Welcome to the HAM part of my website. It all began Pupil voorkantback in 1958 at an age of twelve. For my birthday, I got a radio kit from the Maxwell company named "PUPIL". It was a one-tube receiver on batteries for MW band broadcast stations. With the help of my father the set was built, a wire from my bedroom window to the balcony acted as an antenna and on my father's old headphone the Dutch broadcast stations camPupil schemae in loud and clear. Later on, the set was taken apart to re-use the components for other projects. But I always kept the front plate and a couple of years ago I rebuilt it when I was in a nostalgic mood. The 15 V battery is no longer available so I built a DC-DC converter in a box compPa achter radioarable in size  to the old battery and made it look-alike.Pupil achterkant So  via this PUPIL radio I got infected with the radio virus, but that's in the family as will be proved by a phothograph of my father in front of his home built radio set back in 1920. I started building all kinds of radios with the help of my uncle PA0KQ. On his ceiling he kept an old German army radio, named TORN-eb. And on that radio, I listened for the first time to the 80-meter amateur band. That's when the HAM virus struck. From that time, I tried with more or less success to build amateur radio receivers. Later on, TORNebI started studying for my novice amateur license and passed the exam on June 10, 1969. Back in the sixties and seventies of the previous century, you had to build your gear yourself. The receiver was already built before the exam and now I could start building my 144 MHz crystal controlled AM transmitter which had to be tested by the Dutch PTT before you were allowed to fire it up. Later on, an SSB transceiver as published in UKW Berichte by DL6HA was built. In 1972, I passed my CW examination and got a full license. Sadly, a 35 year long radio silence occurred but in 2007 the old radio virus got active again. Since then I got active on mainly the HF amateur bands with phone and digimode. Also I started loving WSPR. It's great to be back. And it is amazing what you can do with relative lP9170183ow power and home brew antennas and tuners. Building equipment myself is still an important part of my activities. I sincerely hope to enjoy Amateur Radio in the years to come and to work you on the bands one day.


de Mans Jansen











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